2 November 2011

Here are a few free Christmas Card verses for your inserts:

Here's to a stress free Christmas
May your Christmas lights work..
...first time

Here's wishing you a Christmas
That’s as bright as candle glow
As merry as a snowman
And as nice as mistletoe

Merry Christmas
One and All.
Santa Clause
has come to call.
Plenty of Gifts
are under the Tree.
I think they're all
For you and me.

Money is short
Times are hard
Here is your
Handmade Christmas card

Watch where you step.
Watch where you go.
You may end up under the mistletoe

The following verse is a little rude be warned!

Jingle bells
Santa smells
Rudolf has BO
all the elf's have farted
now there isn't any snow.

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