12 September 2012


These birdhouses were a collaboration with dad, he made the wooden boxes starting with the top pictures here showing the smallest ones. 

Four in all were made with blue tits and wrens featuring as the main bird on the front and differing designs up the sides, alone with different coloured roofs.
This next four pictures are showing the medium size bird houses.
The sides show a countryside theme some are of a farm and some of a corn mill
with horses etc., the opening side has a birdhouse bunting and trees


This is the largest bird house which also incorporates a bug box (ready made food source).
There is various stamped scenes on this box as there is more space to work with.



I have used water colour paints and sealer on these boxes as you cannot
use any oil based products or wood preservatives on birdhouses as this
can kill the birds if eaten.

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