24 January 2012

Kids Craft Ideas

My first offering, two key rings made from pom poms. 
These were actually produced in a kit by Craft Planet and both came in one pack for a £1 - great pocket money fun!  Very easy to do and you have something you can use at the end of it, which is a bonus.

Second offering a door hanger, the picture shows the front and back of the bedroom door hanger  - in this case for a boy!
A blank door hanger was purchased from a craft supplier approx 69p and then two stamps were used, one either side and then coloured in.

Hand written messages added with a black Biro, and a stitching effect around the edges with a Sakura pen. 

For longevity these can be varnished, but it's up to the individual.

Again very easy make and something useful.

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