23 January 2012

Paper Rose Wreath etc

This wreath was made by using a Styrofoam ring as the base.
The roses where made buy cutting into squares, sheets of paper from an old unused diary, then cutting the squares in to circle spirals.  The spirals are then wound into a cylindrical shape and glued using white pva glue.  Once dry I painted each rose very randomly using bronze and silver precious metals paints.
Again once dry I used pinflair gel to adhere these to the Styrofoam wreath ring. 
I then sprinkled gold dust (24k) onto the roses to add a further shimmer and sprayed with spray and shine as this will adhere the gold dust and make the wreath shine a little at the same time.  Once dry I used a piece of brown lace wrapped around the wreath and tied into a bow for hanging.

The picture below shows two circular decorations these are
very quick and easy to make and are great if you want the kids to get involved.
I cut 16 pieces of double sided paper circles out
(this can be done using a punch), folded each circle in half and then glued alternate circles together. 
Prior to gluing the last circle in place, I used a cord  and tassle as shown in the picture, so once dry these can be hung.

These balls can be decorated to your hearts content, but I left these plain in this instance.

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