23 August 2012

Wreath 1

This wreath is quite small as I did not have
a 12" foam ring to hand so had to make do
with a 5" one which was ok apart from the
fact everything has to be scaled down as

Flowers do become quite fiddly being so small but
achievable.  Clear crystal gems add to the overall effect
by giving more one side than the other to offset the
whole thing.

I used a snowflake punch paper to the centre of the flowers
to add a bit more of a christmas feel.

9 August 2012

Herb Notepad/plaque

With this plaque I have filled the recess with a
printed notepaper bound together at the top
(hope this works) 
with a gardening theme, which was
made using my home computer.

The plaque has been painted with a blue
crackle paint which does not show well
in this picture.

The dremel drill came out to drill the two holes
for the twine (managed it again).

This makes a nice gift for any garden

8 August 2012

Wooden plaques with canvas inlay

Hi everyone,
I am still playing with wood.

I have made three plaques with a printed canvas inlay
and cut out individual pictures for the frame. 

I firstly painted the plain wooden plaque's  which my father
had made (good old dad).

The title of either 'Herbs' or 'Garden' I covered in
glaze to make it stand out more.  I then used my
drill (yes I can just about use my dremel) to drill two
holes for the twine to thread into.

These look really good in the flesh!

7 August 2012

Purple Note Book

Another variation on a theme A5 note book
 covered using items from the Strictly Party ultimate pack.

More details can be found under Pink Note Book



Strictly Party Pink Note Book

This is an A5 note book which has been covered
using items from the Strictly Party ultimate pack.

The inside cover has had a calender attached to
one never needs to be without the correct date etc.

Back cover is decorated inside and out with the same


6 August 2012

Swing Card - Strictly Party

Strictly Party

This a new range from DoCrafts.

This card was made by covering the white card
in sections, using papers from the range
leaving a very tiny border (it allows the card
to bend correctly and gives it a quality look).

The swing section had a topper mat and layered on
both sides.

Chipboard sentiment was again layered
over a piece of lilac ribbon
Sizzix swirl die cut in lilac and Xcut blooms cut
from the same papers and lilac gems added.

This is the inside.